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 1. If a deal could be reached with the EU over Brexit that meant Northern Ireland being cut off / cut lose, this then breaking up the Union of the UK would you vote for it? 10  votes

 YES Take the Deal 1 vote
 No, The UK Union is to important 9 votes
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This is going to put the "Cat Among the Pigeons" and I am asking this question due to hearing some people in the rest of the UK on political talk shows on TV and radio say

"That they would be willing to sacrifice Northern Ireland to get a deal with the EU, as they see that it's the Northern Ireland issue is stopping Brexit."

The question is;
1. If a deal could be reached with the EU over Brexit that meant Northern Ireland being cut off / cut lose, this then breaking up the Union of the UK would you vote for it? 

Anto Wickham 
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NO DEAL BREXIT Is the only answer and it needs to be done now?
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WE ALL remember David Cameron and his numerous tv broadcast messages/briefings: a 2 choice referendum, an in or out referendum and if the people decided to vote OUT, to leave the EU would mean to leave in total, on WTO terms. Seems our not so loyal and dishonourable politicians do not care and somehow introduced a DEAL, which we did NOT vote for!
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What did you expect? The selfish and self important do not want a deal, they want to remain. Why, I do not understand when it means losing all that is our country's freedom. The word deal should not be used the context of leaving the EU, we want a CLEAN BREAK BREXIT. That is what we voted for, but the remain people have, with the complete support of our media turned that democratic vote into a farce.
Boris, old son, your deal is a travesty of justice. Since when have the courts in the UK taken so many decisions which are essentially political? The issue of the rights of the British voter have never been considered in recent judgements.
I am alarmed and find unacceptable the view that some people would even consider that Northern Ireland could be sacrificed and treated as separate from the rest of the UK. I was born in Belfast and have no wish to see the UK broken up by the wishes of self serving politicians whether Irish, Scots, Welsh or English. Shame on you all. There is only one thing to say -
                                                                         NO SURRENDER, NOT AN INCH

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We entered as one.
We exit (fully) as one.
We remain as one. 
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A clean Brexit is the only true Brexit. It is vital that we regain control of our fishing.

World population has increased by 26% since the year 2000 (that's more than the entire population at 1900). It is expected to rise by 60%  of the year 2000 figure by 2050.

Food security is something that will be of the utmost importance in the years ahead as we could not sustain our current population by farming alone.


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We, the people of the UK gave our decision to leave in good faith. We were assured our decision would be honoured. Our dishonest politicians are doing their utmost to disrespect the majority - LEAVE means LEAVE! 
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If democracy is left to "die in a ditch" then anarchy will prevail.
I would predict guerilla attacks on EU targets and establishment targets in the UK till democracy is restored and the democratic decision of the British people is honoured and implemented.
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The only thing we can do is NOT PURCHASE anything from the EU where possible. 
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