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 Should the government open up a special compound / prison, say within an old military camp to hold these returning Jihadis keeping them away from all UK citizen until they are deemed no threat to our nation? vote

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Is this clown for real?

Jihadi Jack, real name Jack Letts, who fled his middle-class home in Oxford in 2014, and was later accused of joining Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil), said he now considers the UK his home and he believes he should be allowed to return. He is now inside a Kurdish prison camp in Northern Syria, where he has been held for the past two years, Letts denounced Isil, but admitted he thought the terrorist attacks on the Bataclan in Paris in 2015 were a "good thing".

This opens up the debate more now on what we should do with so call British citizens that under their own choice went off to join a terrorist group. Not just any terrorist group but the world’s most dangerous one of our time.

I’m sure this Muppet has no joint citizenship, so we can’t strip him of his British citizenship. And like it or not our country has to deal with him, and others like him.

So what do we do when they come back?

Where do we put them?

What danger are they to our national security?

We find out that over the past year hundreds have been allowed to return to our nation and have been going through rehabilitation paid for by the government.

That means by you and I, as it’s our tax money that pays for it!

Then where do they go?

What other money and housing have these terrorists been given?

Due to international law, no one can be made stateless. I understand and except that. So the big question is what do we do with any British citizen that has went off to join ISIS?

We have to face the fact that they will be allowed to come back and will be allowed to rejoin society, they will be given course on rehabilitation and watched by experts to see if they are a threat to our nation.

So where will all this happen?

In a secure unit, were they are watched 24/7?

At the moment we do not know!

I feel we need to know what happens to these animals when they return.

I believe that the government needs to open an ex-military camp and then it onto a very security compound. Call it a prison if you want.

Anyone that is returning from ISIS has to be taken to this compound and while the inquiry’s into their actions and possible crimes are conducted, they must stay there. All rehabilitation that is given can be given there and from there they can then be released if they pose no threat to our nation.

Personally I feel that all should be handed over to the Syrian or Iraqi governments and to let them pass judgement on them.

Even if that means them being hung.

Remember these people ran off to join ISIS, they made that free choice. If ISIS were not being defeated do you think they would be crying to come back to the UK?

They invaded a country and started a war in it, they supported that war in whatever way they could. That is the truth of the matter. They all believed in it and wanted it, if not why did they go?

They should be all put in front of an international court of law and changed with war crimes.


Anto Wickham 
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John Day
Should any ISIS  get back into this country thay should be rounded up  charged with treason and treated the same as all Traitors should be lockup in a secure compound and returned to the country that thay invaded those Governments deel with them as thay see fit. then thay wont be so eger to come back, end of 
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Any former IS members should automatically forfeit their citizenship by reasons of committing treason and be disallowed entry back into the country.  Further, the BBC should stop "interviewing" them and giving them the oxygen of publicity.  
Just because you are offended, doesn't mean you are right.
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