hatton paul
i think  everyone who is eligible to vote  should vote   make it compulsory and fine  if they don't vote 
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It would be nice if everyone did vote, especially on the really important and crucial stuff.... we live in a Democracy, we have freedom of speech. we also have the freedom to not to speak if we so wish.
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Yes we have freedom of speech - but what a shame there’s no freedom of the press anymore !
Theres too much news omitted by MSM.
Hundreds of people asked about the sharp rise in women’s pensions in the ITV debate but not one word was spoken about it by either Boris or Corbin.
Nor did they mention foreign aid and I’m pretty sure that lots of people would have asked about that too.

what the hells going on in our country?
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Shaun Owen
Totally agree everyone who is eligible to vote should be required to do so by law.  But, to enable everyone to have a vote that represents them, we need to add a "none of the above" option.  Adding this option would also make political parties think more about their policy.   
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