Phill Taylor
In discussion with a good friend a while ago and the subject of Brexit raised its head. 

A point my my friend made and I would have to say the more I think about it the more it makes sense. 

Currently the UK is in a security arrangement known as five eyes. For those that aren’t aware of what this is it is an agreement between the UK, US, Canada, Australia & New Zealand to share security information. 

To date rlthis this agreement has worked incredibly well and works far better than any similar agreement we have with the EU member states. 

The pont ain’t my friend proposed was that post Brexit the UK should look to enter into a similar agreement with the aforementioned nations for trade. 

We we have as a nation always traded with the United Staes without any trade agreement since our cousins over the pond were granted independence. This I feel would only go to streghnthen our ties with our most common allies. 

If if this were successful the UK could then look to widen this opportunity to look to include more Commonwealth nations, therefore making the Commonwealth what it was always meant to be. 
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The EU are, in my opinion  jealous of our great nation's capabilities..they have been defeated by wars but are trying their level best to infiltrate and take us over by stealth, with the help of our traitorous government who haven't got any balls at all, just hope that when the date, set in UK law, we do actually leave the sinking ship commonly known as the EU..i didnt vote for a trade deal cos that wasn't on the ballot paper, in or out..i voted out..I wish we had a leader as great at deal-making as  President Trump..#MAGA/#MGBGA!!!
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Yes I Agreed the UE is a criedy origination that thinks is right all the time when its all right wrong. 
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Pete Jamieson
I find the whole Brexit debate within the house of commons completely flawed regarding the proposed 'withdrawal' agreement (which in fact will be a 'Treaty).  There are so many 'bad' points that I wonder why there is such persistence just over the Irish backstop clause , when  MP's should be aware of the other issues that  even Donald Trump commented on as : "It's a great deal for the EU". Bottom line is here is that  mainland Europe export a lot more to the UK than we export to them. Most ( 80% ) of our exports to EU countries are services, not goods. So where's the issue with them or us ?  The EU's share of the world economy has been declining. In particular because of the developing world, which has been growing faster than anyone expected and is tipped to continue doing so. That's the markets we should be aiming at isn't it ? I am coming to the conclusion that our lords & masters want their generous salaries & expenses, but don't want to take any responsibility for earning it by simply signing the UK over to the Brussels Mafia. 
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