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hatton paul
he should be treated as  a treasonous person  he  and   bush  were determined  to take out   saddam under any circumstances    soon as they done that they unleashed  a war   they are the cause / part  of the t  problems we have today  as  saddam was  controlling   the,    i will call them invaders of briton  in  dinghies...
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Tom Flynn
Should be prosecuted for what he's done 
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not only should be imprisoned, but, ALL MP's should be sacked for Lies/bringing the office into disrepute maybe prison too and certainly NEVER to hold any position involved in Politics, Government nor civil service again.
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Ricky Taylor Ricky Taylor
Tony Blair used the words "The Gulf war will do for me what the Faulklands did for Margeret Thatcher" He also said there was weapons of mass distruction as to date I don't think they have been found.
So if I can give my personal view, that is yes, Tony Blair should go to jail for sending in our troops on a lie.
Innocent blood has been lost families torn apart because of his lies so why should he be free while so many back home are in their own prisons with the pain of loved ones no longer with us and thoses suffering from PTSD,
Ricky Taylor
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Vicky Felton dv-membership
Tony Blair should be imprisoned soldiers were sent to Iraq on a lie.  Many soldiers lost their life's due to his lies.

Many also suffered after the Iraq war and still suffer till this day, while he is free to do what he pleases.
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I served in the gulf war and we all knew that it was just political chess and we were the pawns at the time. He needs to be put on trial in a court of law with veterans as the jury.
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James Dalton jamesdalton
No. He has neither been charged with, nor convicted of a crime in a UK court.

Whether charges should be brought against him and for what, are different questions.
J Dalton
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Anto Wickham Anto wickham
I think he should be brought in and questioned on the reasons he sent our armmed froces to war! There is evidence that he overstanted the threat posed by Saddam Hussein. Never mind sending in an army ill-perpared for war with the lack of equipment. I know peole that had no body armour and some soldiers that only had a few mags of ammo. 

After he is questioned, then a full investigation has to be conducted and if he is foind to be at fault then he should stand trail. If the system can hunt down our veterans on false allegations with no evidence whatsoever, then we should do the same to the man that sent them their. the diffrance is there is evdence to show and proved he lied. 
Anto Wickham 
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our soldiers are being made to face charges in a war zone so should he
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Simon Taylor sligrayne
He should be charged, prosecuted and shoved in jail for his war crimes.
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John Day
Blair is not only a Liar but a TRAITOR and should be in jail he's a traitorous bastard  
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