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by Neville Watson | Jun 29, 2018

The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord. This Proverb is woven into the tapestry of our country.

The UK is built upon a Christian constitution that permeates all things British. From our National Anthem (God save the Queen) to placing our hand on a Bible in our courts, our reverence to God is all encompassing.

When the Queen was crowned in 1953 she was given a Bible with the words, ‘Here is wisdom; this is the Royal law, these are the lively oracles of God.’

English rugby laid claim to the rousing Christian hymn Jerusalem. Consider the English flag: designed using the Christian cross. Its red colour—symbolising the blood of Christ—shows it is not simply a cruciform by chance.

Go back a century or more and you’ll find the church at the centre of British village life. The very definition of a city was that it had a cathedral. People were born, married and buried in a Christian setting.

So asking someone to leave their belief in God at the door of their place of work is akin to asking them to remove their skin colour before coming through the door. For many, faith in God is not an add-on or optional extra.

My trust in God is part of my DNA; it is central to who I am and it defines my place in the world. It informs my whole life.


In the face of seemingly small and often economic persecutions, it is easy to be seduced by the arguments of those who tell us there is a clash of civilisations between the Christian West and Islam.

This is not true.

Most practising Muslims desire only to say their prayers and go to the mosque and to have good relations with their neighbours of whatever faith or none. I have not come across many Muslims who object to Christmas decorations or the wearing of the Cross or the public exhibition of the Bible.

The truth is more sinister. We are dominated by a secular elite, which hates Islam every bit as much it hates Christianity. This elite of atheists and metro-political despisers is also a cowardly elite and dare not attack Islam. But it finds it useful to invoke an allegedly outraged Islamic sensitivity in order to persecute the Christian faith.

This secular elite, led by the BBC, targets Christianity because it sees Christianity as the embodiment of those historic and traditional values.

For example, on the recent Andrew Marr show Rupert Everett, who plays Oscar Wilde in a new movie, said he felt that Oscar Wilde was better than Christ, when asked about Wilde’s reputation as a ‘gay Christ figure’. Can you imagine the outrage if he had said the same of Mohammed?

Those employed as public servants and charged with running our local services, be they schools, hospitals or councils, receive their public authority only under a system of governance which is constitutionally established from the ‘Queen in Parliament under God’.

For public servants to use their authority to deny the legitimacy of the Christian faith, when they receive such authority only through the operation of that same faith, is not only unacceptable but an affront.

The plain fact is that Europe—and particularly our Nation—was formed out of Christian values. The secular assumption nowadays is that you can remove Christianity, and all the good things will stay in place.

They won’t. If Christianity goes, the lot goes with it.

T.S. Eliot saw the way things were going more than sixty years ago when he wrote:

An individual European may not even believe that the Christian Faith is true, but what he says and makes and does will all spring out of this history of European culture and depend upon that culture for its meaning. Only a Christian culture could have produced a Nietzsche or a Voltaire. I do not believe that the culture of Europe could survive the complete disappearance of the Christian Faith. And I am convinced of that not merely because I am a Christian myself, but as a student of social biology.

I know within the UK there is no apparent direct persecution of Christians. However, there has been a rise in an aggressive secularism which is intolerant of Christianity.

Some Christians sense that their ideas, symbols and activities are being marginalised. As evidence of this they draw attention, for instance, to Christian Christmas images being replaced with symbols of winter by some city councils.

In some cases Christians find the implications of their beliefs unacceptable to their employers.

Christian street preachers being harassed and arrested for breach of the peace, for merely speaking from the bible.

Most Christians I know want to see themselves portrayed as normal and reasonable. But all too often, UK television portrays Christian characters as narrow-minded or hiding evil intentions behind a show of religion.

While this does not constitute persecution, it fosters an attitude of mistrust in which prejudice can thrive.

We now live in a time of biblical proportions, where good is evil, evil is good, truth is lie and justice is trampled in the streets.
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Part 2

by Neville Watson | Jun 29, 2018

This is part 2 of my article, The Windrush generation and Commonwealth partners may just be the future hope of our Christian heritage.


The church now tells schools that pupils should explore their gender identity and should be “afforded freedom from the expectation of permanence”.

The true message of Christianity is being drowned out by people who prefer to discuss social justice, because if we talk about sin, then we have to talk about bad behaviour and people don’t want to be judgmental.

Just like the gender fluidity the church is so eager to embrace, it is promoting the notion that secularism and Christianity can flow in and out of each other.

Make no mistake, there is an aggressive gay-transgender ideology that has infiltrated the church.

In this rejection of vertical accountability for horizontal relativity, modern man is conferring on himself the contractual right to redefine his gender, irrespective of creational chromosomes.

We are so fundamentally uprooted that we are no longer assured of the scientific and chromosomal reality of the binary gender distinction of male and female, of normative human sexuality, or the oldest institutions known to the human race, marriage and family.

The church, rather than being the guardians of our beloved faith, has metamorphosed with the surrounding culture.

The liberalisers in both evangelical and mainline denominations love to promote and publish their apostasy to the world in a vain effort to convince themselves that wide media coverage and approval from the cultural elites means approval and sanction from God.

Since cultural circumstances change and moral truth is reduced to social convention by contemporary muses, many of the leaders within our churches have long abandoned anything vaguely resembling a scriptural and historical understanding of our world – transforming faith.

The secular goal, however, is not tolerance and inclusivity at all. It is to overthrow the Christian basis of the West. It is an exercise in the doctrinaire use of power. As such, the agenda the church and society is embracing is resulting in the bullying and intimidation of all who transgress the doctrine of gender and sexual fluidity.

There is an ever increasing push to promote a gay or transgender lifestyle as positive. This same ideology also portrays God ordained man & woman marriage and religious values as backward, old fashioned and mean-spirited.

This ideology states that homosexuality is an inborn identity and that homosexuals are a marginalised group that everyone must support. This ideology promotes the view that each person is not innately male or female but has a fluid gender.

It is my view that this ideology is leading us down a path of dysfunction & self- destruction. Traditional family units, with a mother and a father, are the bedrock of a sound, stable and healthy society; the glue that seals, cements, strengthens and maintains family and without whom society itself will crumble.

This same ideology, along with Islam, is slowly combining to expunge the Christian model of marriage and family.

DVP believes “Christianity is still the tapestry upon which our country’s heritage was woven”. All of this is lost to those who would deny Christianity any place in our nation today.

The Bible says that ‘righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people.’ Proverbs 14:34.

Britain’s national greatness has always been based on her acknowledgement of biblical values. Hard work, honesty, courage, self- restraint and integrity are all values taught by the Bible. Our national life has been ennobled by adherence to them. It is vitally important to protect those values.

The history of Britain is rooted in the Christian faith and cannot be understood without it. When we speak of British values we must make reference to the heritage of values that has been left to us by our Christian past. But in the 21st century, those values are being abandoned.

This is having a destructive impact on our National life, and our relationship with the EU was pulling us further away from our National identity.

The spiritual condition of our nation is in a truly parlous state. The political, legal and media classes are overwhelmingly hostile to the Christian faith.

We must push back against this tide of Cultural Marxism, this leftist ideology that claims our traditional culture is the source of oppression in the modern world.

We must fight their insistence upon political correctness, multiculturalism, and perpetual attacks on the foundations of our British culture: traditional family, marriage, patriotism, traditional morality, law and order.

DVP will vigorously defend Christian Freedom and value families.


One of the greatest attacks is on the traditional marriage structure: marriage between one man and one woman. This form of union is the backbone of our society. If the institution of marriage is destroyed, then the destruction of our country is imminent.


Whether you are a believer or not, there is no greater institution than the church.

Jesus stated “Upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”.

Just think about it, the church is the first place where most of us are received into the community; where Christians and non-Christians get married; where we seek solace in time of despair and need.

The value of a good Christian education is based on the teachings of not only the leader of the church but the community within the church. We all recognise the value of church schools enough to go to great lengths to establish a relationship with our local church in order to seek the best schooling for our children.

A relationship with your local church and the community therein exposes you to the experience and expertise of our elders and our young people. – bringing the experience of yesteryear to the expertise of tomorrow.

The church is where, I believe, you become whole, exchange sorrow, and share pain, wounds and hurts of the mind and body that we often carry with us both psychologically, physically and spiritually.

Through the power of prayer, communication and the community of the church we can learn to lean on each other, share with each other and come together as a united community.


(In London and the big Cities 50% of black people attend church at least once a month)

The growth of African and Caribbean churches (often referred to as Black Majority Churches, BMCs) has been a significant development on the British social and religious landscape.

Today these church communities make enormous contributions to social and community cohesion, welfare provision, education and volunteering, music and culture.

They are often seen as the most cohesive section of the BME communities and we must recognise their growth and contribution to the spiritual, religious and social life of the nation.

In fact, there are those who say ‘Black Christianity may well prove to be the key agent in the re-evangelisation of Christian Britain’.

In terms of the social impact, BMC leaders are being encouraged to promote careers in the police service and establish uniform cadets in their churches as part of their outreach programme to young people and families

The role of BMCs in the community provides a valuable partner for the police in both reducing crime and fear of crime, and promotes safe, prosperous and cohesive communities.

BMCs are encouraged to form strategic partnerships with the prison service and support organisations and agencies working towards the rehabilitation and resettlement of ex-offenders.

In the area of mental health, it is well documented that the African/Caribbean communities are disproportionately affected by poor mental health and its associated problems and challenges.

BMCs work strategically with health professionals and service providers to challenge health inequalities, promote mental health awareness and secure better outcomes for BME communities.

Black Majority Churches are currently active in Youth and education, media, music, arts & culture and International aid and development.

As a Christian, I understand that political engagement is part and parcel of my civic duty and Christian responsibility.I know that BMC leaders are encouraged to promote and teach the importance of active citizenship and political engagement for the common good.


I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ…That’s just the way I feel …
I am a Bible believing Christian, and I’m not ashamed of it.

I believe to be proud of where you were born, to sing the National anthem with passion and gusto, to believe in your Country and to be patriotic are good and honourable attributes and I am not ashamed of it.

I am pro-life, and I’m not ashamed of it.

I believe marriage is only for one man and one woman for one lifetime, and I’m not ashamed of it.

I believe schools should educate in Godly character, not indoctrinate in socialism, and I’m not ashamed of it.

I believe judges should judge according to law, not legislate, and I’m not ashamed of it.

I believe that a home with a father and a mother and children gives social and personal stability to all, and I’m not ashamed of it.

I believe the Laws of God, not the laws of Islam, should be the sole source for legal decision-making in Britain, and I’m not ashamed of it.

I believe the liberal media are corrupt, biased and a poison in our Nation, and I’m not ashamed of it.

I believe compassionate capitalism nurtured by Christian ethics is the best economic system for any society, and I’m not ashamed of it.

I believe in the adage ‘give a man a fish he feeds his family for today, teach a man to fish and he feeds his family for a lifetime’ and I am not ashamed of it.

I believe in compassionate immigration that serves both those who wish to come and those who are already here, and I am not ashamed of it.

I believe socialism, otherwise known as social Marxism, to quote Winston Churchill, ‘is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is equal sharing of misery’, will make us all equally poor and I will defend our Nation from it, and I’m not ashamed of it.

I believe that those who preach tolerance are often the most intolerant individuals you will ever meet, and I’m not ashamed of it.

I believe multiculturalism as both a lived experience of diversity on the one hand, with multiculturalism as a political process on the other have failed and I am not ashamed to say it.

I believe those who refer to others as bigots are often the real bigots, bullies and tyrants and I’m not ashamed of it.

I believe ‘political correctness’ as an ideology is dead and I am not ashamed of it.

I believe in freedom of speech and I am not ashamed of it.

I believe I have one earthly life to live, and that I will have to give an account to God on how I live it.

I’m not ashamed of it, I’m proud of it!!


It is time for the mobilisation of the Black Majority Churches (BMCs) and Bible believing churches across the land to coalesce behind a National Political movement that will uphold and defend our Biblical truths, the BMCs can no longer remain outside of the political discourse and cannot acquiesce in the face of persecution. It is time for the BMCs in particular to show its united Christian muscle, united not behind a political ideology but behind the infallible, incontrovertible, indubitable word of God.

The BMCs must bring the influence of its faith to the challenges of our Nation. It is time for the BMCs to pick up the sword of truth and the shield of faith in order to push back against the tide of Cultural Marxism, to stem the tide of Christian persecution, the surge of transgenderism, and the march of homosexuality.

Yes it is time to be bold in Christ, true to our Father and obedient to His command. On June 22nd 1948, the MV Empire Windrush arrived at Tilbury Docks carrying 492 Caribbean passengers. My parents were called to help rebuild this Country after the 2nd WW, well we are called again along with our Commonwealth partners to rekindle this Country’s Christian heritage.

Neville Watson
Spokesman: Cities Urban Communities & Sport
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