hatton paul
i watched  a programme called smuggled ,
To see if they can leave britain on false passports to calais  they were let through and see if they can get back in uk on same passports and yes they were let back in .one went to calais  to get a  dingy he landed on a beach in uk  ,our security is a joke when i was in security i drummed it in to my guards check every thing and they did these boarder crossings need a good shake up i wish i could get back into security.
3 in the  lorry made it  2 in the  caravanette   made it  and the  1 in the dingy  made  it  and three in the car made it  the three in the car were using false   passports   1 in the dingy  entered on a beach in uk  the  lorry was smuggling  a man  and the caravan was smuggling  a woman.if they  made it how many  others  done the same   
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