Anto Wickham Anto wickham
My question is if a player is rereceiving abuse in the form of racism should the club or country pull their team off the pitch?

Myself, its a no brainier its a big YES.

There is no justification in any shape or form to abuse anyone never mind a footballer because of his colour.
The footballing world FIFA and UEFA have tried to get ways to try and stop it, but have failed. The fines clubs and countries get are laughable. 

If clubs and counties start to pull their teams off and stop the game then it just might get the message to the fans and for the true football fan to point out these clowns to the police and have them removed from the ground charged and on top of tha a life time ban from all grounds in the UK if not the world. 

I know it sounds rash and then what happens to the match, what happens with the points for the game? Could fans start using it to have games stopped if their team is loosing? 

There is so many other questions, but something has to be done and it has to be something radical. 
I believe taking the team off the pitch is it!

If the fans then hand over the clowns doing it and the police remove them, maybe within a certain time limit the teams could restart the game. Just one thought.

Real and true football fans would I believe support this move and I believe would help stamp it out once and for all.

Your Thoughts? 
Anto Wickham 
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