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June 17, 2018

The charade of representative government. The lie of an independent media. The disgrace of a corrupted academia. Project Fear 2.0 has started and been ramped up. The globalists have been triggered as they lose control of the political narrative and attempt to demonise those who see a future without Bilderberg, without globalist thieves pulling the political strings. Those in Italy, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Sweden who see the destructive authoritarian nature of the EU and who say ‘NO MORE’. The rise in ‘populism’ around Europe– or those who respect independent democratic nation states –is becoming overwhelming for the authoritarian EU flunkeys.

Politics, Media, Academia, Banks, Corporates. TV, radio, newspapers, money – the keys to power. That power has corrupted governance to the core in the UK and Representative Democracy is dead.

Project Fear has been ramped up, another almighty propaganda push. Through bought and paid for politicians, media talking heads and academics. It’s even pushed into the schools through the nefarious tentacles of Common Purpose, that cultural poison within our institutions.

So the Bilderberg meeting 2018 took place in Italy (no expense spared) from 7th to 10th of June and decisions about our future were made by those who know better. Know better how to line their pockets with ill-gotten gains. Immediately afterwards the G7 summit in Canada took place. Trump spoiled the party and the decisions made in Italy were met head on by the President of the USA. Nevertheless – the propaganda war has been ramped up and Project Fear 2.0 is the name of the game.

Northern Ireland border –fear. Galileo project – fear. European travel – fear. Business impact – fear. Trade – fear. Evidently air travel will cease, according to Andrew Adonis (politics) who, whilst in receipt of the taxpayers’ coin, openly works with EU bureaucrats and politicians to impede the complete Independence of the UK from the EU and any foreign jurisdiction. His regular appearances in the media (Newspapers/radio/TV) despite not having been elected, by anyone, are no accident. He works for others, against the people. How is this not treason?

Bilderberg attendees.

One attendee of Bilderberg this year was one George Osborne, ardent Remainer and EUrophile, former MP and Chancellor of the Exchequer (politician) and now Editor at the Evening Standard (Newspaper/Online). Oxford graduate. A dealer. Do you see how it works? Osborne oversaw a doubling of the UK’s national debt during his tenure in No.11 Downing Street.

Another attendee was Amber Rudd, ardent Remainer and Europhile, former MP and Home Secretary (politician), former employee of J P Morgan (banks). Ms Rudd has many fingers in many pies. Boleynian quantities and then some – but more on Ms Rudd and her dealings (corporates) over the coming months. Do you see how it works?

Another attendee was Zanny Minton Beddoes, Editor in Chief at the Economist (media), regular ‘expert’ on TV and Oxford graduate. Do you see how it works?

The Economist pushed this ‘Open Borders’ tweet on 18th June 2018.
And… …another attendee was Ngaire Woods. If Carling made a Common Purpose Cultural Marxist clone, could Ngaire fit the bill? Founding Dean of the Blavatnik School of Government and Professor of Global Economic Governance at Oxford University. Do you see…?

Another attendee was of course, Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England. Or Bank in England as this root of the people’s enslavement should more appropriately be entitled. Former Goldman Sachs employee. Carney has overseen a doubling of the national debt in his near 7 year tenure at the BofE. (banks)(corporates)(politics). Ardent Remainer and key voice behind Project Fear 1.0. Will we see more of him on the (media) over the coming weeks? We’ll see how it works.

Project Fear 2.0 is a media war – the brainwashing of the masses through snippets of misinformation uttered casually by talking heads on popular radio shows and news bulletins. On Saturday 16th of June a fine example of this misinformation was slipped out – during the commentary to the Croatia vs Nigeria football match at the World Cup.

What had happened in Russia? A taxi driver had driven his car and accelerated it directly towards pedestrians walking along a pavement. Footage shows the vehicle accelerating and steering towards the pedestrians. The ‘snippet’ by Mark Pougatch of ITV advised the listening masses of the ‘Police reports’. The driver had lost control of the vehicle – Accident??? We can sleep easy then, because it isn’t really another incident of jihad by vehicle. Project Fear 2.0 – fear of anything, other than the fear of the increased criminality that comes ‘Part and Parcel’ with uncontrolled mass immigration – as statistically proven.

Common Purpose Cultural Marxist criminals such as Christine Lagarde are untouchable.

Project Fear 2.0 – Economics and Christine Lagarde Managing Director and Chair of the International Monetary Fund (banks,money), Bilderberg participant (sticky fingers) and convicted criminal, met Donald Trump in April. Fear – Fear of a trade war, tariffs and barriers. The Project Fear 2.0 Trumpophobia narrative following an irrelevant import tariff imposed on EU countries for certain metals was blown out of the water at the G7 summit.

Trump speaks of nation to nation free trade deals and the lies and treachery of the corrupted EUrophilic leaders is exposed, yet again, but masked by the #Fakenews bought and paid for media. The day that Christine Lagarde walked free from a court having been found guilty in her negligence case involving vast quantities of money was the 19th of December 2016. Fortunately for Ms Lagarde, no-one noticed. The newspapers, radio stations and TV talking heads were busily discussing the assassination of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey, the massacre of people in the Berlin Christmas market by ‘a lorry’ and Saint Brendan Cox’s opinions on the devil incarnate Nigel Farage – so Ms Lagarde’s conviction went ‘under the radar’. The figures involved make the Great Train Robbery look like a corner shop hold-up.

Helluva day the 19th of December 2016.
Remember the events of 19th December 2016? Coincidences.

Project Fear 2.0 – The racism of the ‘Far Right’ and the worrying rise of nationalism and ‘populism’. But now, these Bilderbergers, these owners of our futures, of Politics, Media, Academia, Banks, and Corporates seek to portray the everyday real person, the patriot, me, you, everybody as ‘Far Right’. And did you notice that the Daily Mail acquired a new Editor? A Remainer…

Picture 5 – “EU Propaganda will be ramped up by the BBC and other usual suspects.”

Don’t buy the corrupted rhetoric. Recognise the fakenews for what it is – Project Fear 2.0 is a war for your mind. The corrupted bought and paid for corporate media and politicos will try to make you fear that which you should not and remain blind to that which you should fear.

The Brexit betrayal continues. Never let up patriots and liberty lovers! Be ever vigilant for Britons never, never, never shall be slaves!
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