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Dear Members ,

I am a veteran and currently politically homeless as I believe neither left or right currently match my values and beliefs .However , I would like to communicate my thoughts respectfully on a platform. 

I went for my PIP assessment today which was located around Manchester City Centre. What struck me driving through Manchester is what a hovel it has become with vast amounts of cheap apartments been built to display a artificial prosperous. To me it looks like it's becoming a ghetto day by day. Yet, I never hear of any affordable housing been built or projects of old ones been refurnished.  I started to think about the effects of population growth and the rapid rate it has been increasing since I turned 16, back in 1996 . Over the last twenty years we have had a population increase from 56 million to 70 million present day. Immigration and birth rates have over taken the levels of infrastructure and networks needed to support such an increase. Or to put it another way we have not built enough . What population growth does is keep wages down and housing prices are continuously high because of supply and demand. Also affected is public services, NHS, Health and Social Care, Police, Transportation etc and why everything seems to be impersonalised in present day. There is no accountability for anything in the UK currently. Everyone is dispensable!  I believe that this new idea of liberalism is a good concept in that everybody who wants to get on in life, can do so without prejudice. However, I think the cynical side of me is that it is just another disguise to fund greedy capitalism . We are constantly told that we have skill shortages in the UK yet we have a potential working population of around 40 million present day within the UK . Brexit could be our revolution if used correctly. I believe change is needed through the courts rather than political debate . If I hear of just one homelessness person on the street then surly the Government should be brought to accountability through failing in the 'Duty of Care' to one of its citizens and that process should be through the courts. There are roughly 4,000 rough sleepers currently and around 86% will present with mental health issues. We need to start thinking smart instead of been tied to a political system that allows serious issues to go unchallenged in what seems to me like the run of the norm. This needs smart people from all backgrounds of public service to stand together and communicate this is unacceptable through the courts. If a positive verdict was obtained then a recommendation for legislation change could be implemented.

The new Veterans ID card is currently active if you haven't heard and further information can be found on the government website .

I wish you all well and thank you for your service.
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Alan Howarth deepstream
 Very interesting using the court system, I would like to know how that would work.
re immigration, in societies that have good education and good health care, those in that society tend to have fewer then the 2.1 children per female needed to maintain the population,(UK currently 1.7/ female)this would naturally lead to depopulation of the UK, this is what we should logically all be aiming for so as to help return balance to the global ecosystem. The fact we don't makes it transparently clear that those wanting growth and increasing financial rewards above all else are directing things especially immigration. I believe that we need to get away from people being elected, because they say they will do this or that and instead will do the will of the people in a direct democracy structure. I feel this will lead to much greener policy rather than left or right.
  I joined the DVP primarily because of its Direct Democracy policy, as that under DD brexit would occur because it is the will of the majority.
 To be on DV connect you must be a member, I very much hope that we can convince you to stay and be a significant member of the community.
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as a UK Armed Forces Veteran, I see another pathetic 'bauble' offered to the armed forces brotherhood in the 'Veterans I.D. card'. They are struggling with recruitment and offered this as a 'prize' for serving. Without the Armed Forces Covenant' being enshrined in Law then it is of no use. Many of 'us' use the:  ' which is immediately available and a useful tool in gaining access to Companies who support the armed Forces with offering discounts.
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You raise the most important issue facing not only our country but the whole world. Population growth.

In 1900 the world population was 1.5 Billion.  Between 1900 and 2000 it grew to 6.1 Billion.

Not only has populations been growing exponentially, infant mortality rates have been dropping and life expectancy has been increasing. Consequently the growth rate is accelerating even faster. 

Between 2000 and 2019 the world population has grown from 6.1 Billion to 7.76 Billion (1.66 Billion), that's more than the entire world population as at 1900, in just 19 years!! Clearly this cannot continue, considering the planet can only sustain around 2 Billion people at western standards.

Businesses and politicians are fixated with growth, more growth equals more profit. What they fail to realise is there is no such thing as sustainable growth on a planet with finite resources. 

Western populations have started to decline, which is the right way to go, fewer people to share the same amount of resource. However politicians want to increase population numbers in their quest for eternal growth and at the same time withholding funds to prepare sufficient infrastructure having no regard to whether it is ultimately sustainable. 

As resources become stretched across the world mass migration will be an increasing humanitarian problem and a threat to established societies. The new Global Compact aims to make free migration a human right, we can already see the effects of free movement in Europe.... It is simply destabilising established societies. 

Ultimately we need to be able to control the numbers of people coming into the country and in order to do this we must have our sovereignty restored to us. 

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Andrew Andrew418

Hello Deep stream,

My thinking is that if Government policy is leaving people destitute or them having to use foodbanks then that should be challenged in the courts. The case can be made around values and right and wrong We elect a government to represent us, look after every law-abiding citizen and deliver as  a prosperous nation whilst trusting them to make sound economic decisions. I think the public has lost sight of their place to challenge. I believe the public has to create their own community's and challenge the divide and conquer mentality that the Government has institutionalise us with. 

I think the Veterans ID card is a big step forward in terms of acknowledgement of service. I also believe it will cut a big chunk of identify crisis's when servicemen and women leave the services. They can immediately identify as a veteran and the public will be more aware bridging a gentler transition. I think because of social media and the MSM in general the public have become more interested in the force's and have displayed a private concern for reintegration and aftercare.  

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Andrew Andrew418
..And today Boris Johnsen is being taken to court for misleading the public which, validates my thinking . Whatever your political alignment, this can only be a positive change . The  political system is now to systemised to be challenged within . Its very Americanised now like the Senate . Going through the courts can be a viable alternative . 
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While I am very content that Politicians are being brought to account, I am looking forward much more to the media in all its forms also being made to face the music.
However, I believe that the reality will be -
  • Even more money for the lawyers
  • The country being slowly, or not so slowly, brought to a stand still by litigation.
  • The only winners will be the those with the biggest pockets.
  • My final comment is that we have always been lied to by politicians but we are now more able to work out the lies.

Please do not tie it all up in litigation, make up your own mind (without the help of the media) and stop watching/listening to the various news channels. Turning them off will hurt their elite egos more than anything else.

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