hatton paul
Stop giving other countries contracts to build things give contracts to uk build up our industries
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Agree with Paul 👍
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The trouble is that a lot of our industries have been sold off or transferred to people around the globe and we need them back?
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ALL future contracts should have guidelines written in them to protect the public purse, regarding over-runs, failures of equipment like warship engines that do NOT like to run in hot climate. these need to pay back in form of penalties and NOT more of our money paid in to fix problems.
TOO, much tickling of palms.....
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Let’s use those with skills required who are already in UK, train up the next available generation and those with talent or aptitude for whatever skills needed. May be gradual but maybe there are older generation talents that can be used to teach as part of apprenticeships. Win win. Use exterior work force less as we get a better skills pool up and running. 
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I agree. British industries first with all government contracts where ever possible. 
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Alan Howarth deepstream
Engineers get treated like crap in this country, I know I am an engineer, change that then things will start to turn round.
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John Lane
Made in England used to be the most wanted brand world wide, until the UK was conned into that euro trap
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More Engineering firms will also give the youth something else to look for in the employment sector with real apprenticeship qualifications.
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Anto Wickham Anto wickham
I was shocked when I read about a contract for PPE went to an oversea country last week. I thought with us leaving the EU and wanting to build our businesses  and make jobs for UK citizens this contract would have went in someway helping us. No the PM who is pro Brexit, tells us we are a Eaton of hard workers and that we can achieve so mush if we get on with it gives a contract to an overseas company. 

In the UK do we not have companies that could fill this contract? Of course we do, so what is going on? Something stinks! What is going on behind the scenes?

Now the government is being sued, Why? Below is a news article from Bloomberg 

U.K. Sued Over $135 Million PPE Deal for Pest-Control Firm

June 15, 2020, 12:25 PM GMT
The U.K. government faces legal action after awarding a 108 million-pound ($135 million) contract for Covid-19 personal protection equipment to a single company that’s specialized in pest-control supplies.

The Good Law Project, founded by anti-Brexit lawyer Jo Maugham, said it’s suing over the controversial deal with Crisp Websites Ltd., trading as PestFix, according to a statement on the group’s website on Monday.

Equipment such as face masks, goggles, gloves and gowns for front line healthcare staff has been one of the flash points as criticism mounts over Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s handling of the pandemic. It’s triggered several complaints, including another lawsuit being prepared by doctors targeting government advice to re-use gowns.

The Good Law Project is asking whether the contract was advertised, saying it had spoken to another provider “who told us that no one in the market knew that the contract was up for grabs.” It wanted to know why Crisp Websites was chosen and, if the contract was awarded without advertising, whether it met criteria for a direct award that requires extreme urgency.

Dan England, a director for PestFix, said the company had won the contract through the normal procedure and had no concerns about the award. PestFix has already shipped some 60 million pieces of protective equipment to the health service, he said in a phone interview.

The U.K. Department of Health & Social Care said it was unable to comment on ongoing or potential legal action.

“It’s hard to imagine a good reason why this contract would be given to this company selection. And failures in PPE provision make it vital we understand where procurement is going wrong,” the Good Law Project said.

The nonprofit group said it sent a so-called judicial review pre-action protocol letter to the government last week and will issue short-form judicial review proceedings in a London court on Monday.

Anto Wickham 
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