The Party should open a Jobs for Veterans and Homes for Homeless Veterans Websites
In this way we can further our community commitments to our Armed Forces Veterans.
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John Day
Veterans should always come first for jobs and homes before any other people its them that put there lives on the line for the country & should always come first 
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Anto Wickham Anto wickham
I think that setting up a some sort of webpage on the net is a good idea. Maybe it could be a link on the partys public facebook page or each branch set someting up in their loacl party facebook pages so veteran can reach out for help.

Even if we put up contact numbers of vetrens groups that already are set up to help veterans in our communities. Phone numbers of groups that help veterans, such as local regimental associations, The Samaritans, Lifeline, AA, Vets Gateway, Combast Stree, Help 4 heros, Royal british Legion, Soldiers Charity and local groups set up by locals that help veterans.

In Northern we  have two great charities that help our veterans. Andy Allans Veterans Support (AAVS) that was set up and run by a veteran of Afghan who lost his legs and site,  and another is  Beyond The Battlefield. Both charity's run by veterans for veterans.
Anto Wickham 
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It would make sense for such support offered not simply to be about jobs and housing, but bringing in wider support possibilities too. For instance, although many local Reformed churches are unable to give high levels of financial support, or point to jobs, they have open mornings where anyone is welcome to attend. Activities are no more than drinking coffee, tea and chatting or praying. Such support on a personal level is just as important for someone's self-esteem. But it is vital for our vets to know where they are going to be welcomed.
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Just a thought but are there investors, maybe living abroad, who might allow use of empty flats, houses, whatever, in exchange for caring for those properties? The veteran would have the permanent address to enable entry to benefits system, job etc. The property owner safeguards against squatters or external damage. No rent till settled ie 2 months? Or am I being over simplistic and optimistic? 
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