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by Stephen Crosby | Jun 29, 2018 - [380 shares]

The spirit of freedom is rising throughout the UK after decades of losing ground to undemocratic laws, mainly from the EU, but also from within the UK.

The freedoms that have been fought for and won over hundreds of years have been diluted or lost, with the signing of a pen, without the consent of the British people through referenda, sometimes not even mentioned in a party manifesto at election time.

The freedoms we were stripped of, include:

  1. which elected politicians rule the UK, Westminster or the EU (because why should Britons run a country when others do a better job?)
  2. the right to only be arrested with sufficient evidence (because when your country is part of a Police State, you fall in line, or you fall into jail)
  3. who raises taxes (because YOU must support the lavish lifestyles of those making decisions, good or bad)
  4. the right to be free from invasion (because unchecked open borders bring prosperity, not so?)
  5. the right to put your own people first (because it’s your duty to pay for the bad habits of people from other countries),
  6. the right to free speech (because you’re allowed to say whatever you want, as long as it’s exactly what they want you to say)


In 1688, people’s freedom was being suppressed by the King—the very person put in place to guide and protect—who was turning into a dictator. (This seemed to echo the events that led to the Magna Carta in 1215; history has a way of repeating itself.)

The people had had enough and the (bloodless) Glorious Revolution followed.

So what happened in the Glorious Revolution? What political changes were made and how are they relevant to what the Democrats and Veterans Party is offering the British people in terms of restoring freedoms, expanding freedoms and limiting excessive executive power?


Pre-1688 – the King ruled with absolute power.

Post-1688 – The Glorious Revolution changed the system from absolute monarchy to constitutional monarchy.

In 1689 an English Bill of Rights was enacted, which included:

  • a frequently summoned Parliament and free elections,
  • freedom of speech in Parliament for MPs,
  • guaranteed free speech for all citizens,
  • no taxes levied without authority of Parliament,
  • no dispensed or suspended laws without Parliament’s consent,
  • No excessive fines imposed,
  • no cruel and unusual punishments inflicted,
  • freedom from excessive bail,
  • the right for people to petition Parliament.
The Democrats and Veterans Party believes that the Referendum victory to leave the EU in real terms will give the UK a free trade agreement with EU countries and bilateral agreements on people movement.

We will ensure that the Brexit process enshrines our sovereign right to make, amend and repeal laws and treaties that a majority support.


Pre-1688 – the King raised taxes without Parliament's approval.

Post-1688 – The Glorious Revolution brought about the change that only Parliament could raise taxes.

The £15bn sent to the EU must stay in the UK and be spent according to what the UK Parliament prioritises. Perhaps spending will be reduced as it comes from borrowed money.


Pre-1688 – the King was responsible for the standing army.

Post-1688 – The Glorious Revolution ensured that Parliament took control of the standing army.

Our modern Armed Forces must be equipped to defend the UK and should answer to British political leaders and Parliament.


Pre 1688 – Royal interference in the courts.

Post-1688 – The Glorious Revolution ensured that the monarch no longer had the ability to interfere in justice and courts.

Our highest courts in the UK must be the British courts and legal system, NOT the European Court of Justice. All citizens must enjoy a fair judicial system with only one law applying throughout the UK.


Pre 1688 – Persecution of minority opinion by people expressing the majority opinion.

Post-1688 – The Glorious Revolution brought with it The Toleration Act, granting freedoms to all groups.

The Democrats and Veterans Party LOVES freedom of speech and wants to see majority and minority opinions expressed freely, and debates independent of harassment.

These freedoms are what people are discussing throughout our nation as we see the effects the EU has had in our society.

It has been said that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance, and all it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. I would suggest some changes:

‘The price of freedom is vigilance, with action’
‘All it takes for good to triumph, is for good people to do something’


The Democrats and Veterans Party policies are a restoration of what resulted from the Glorious Revolution – a restoration of a constitutional monarchy, primacy of Parliament in making laws and providing the real legitimate leaders of the UK, no more interference in the British legal system from overseas.

We look forward to the end of the EU’s ability to override Westminster Parliament.

We long for the UK to return to a place where Westminster Parliament determines which taxes to raise and how it should be distributed, not foreigners.

There’s more.

By establishing the right for people in local areas, local councils, in counties and in the whole country to petition and hold referenda on laws and treaties, the chance of losing freedoms in future is diminished. Through this structure, people will also be energised to participate in democracy and suggest improvements.

The DVP is the only political party that believes in Direct Democracy, empowering the electorate.

The Democrats and Veterans Party will help restore the freedoms from the Glorious Revolution and extend those freedoms with more participative democracy.

Direct Democracy in the UK is truly a Glorious Revolution for the 21st Century.
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