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This is ‘May Mk2’ – the EU’s latest colonisation treaty for the UK

Prepared by Brexit Facts4EU.Org with advice from a Brussels-based barrister

Legend: ‘WA’ = Withdrawal Agreement, ‘PD’ = Political Declaration

1. Parliament will not be sovereign - UK still to be governed by existing and new laws of the ECJ – a foreign court – and with no say over these laws. [WA articles 4, 87, 89 and 127, PD para 131]

2. Demands payment of a sum to be decided by the EU - Minimum £39 billion but this is likely to increase and the EU decides the final sum. This must be paid BEFORE any trade deal is agreed. [WA articles 138-144, and 152-155]

3. No trade deal with EU – Not included as this is just a divorce treaty. Any EU trade deal must ensure “a level playing field for open and fair competition” and “deep regulatory and customs cooperation”. This will make it difficult for the UK to reduce non-tariff barriers in trade deals with USA, Australia, China, etc. [PD paras 17 & 21]

4. Prevents independent tax policy - Political Declaration still obliges UK to adopt a future relationship which will impose EU State Aid rules and “relevant tax matters” on the UK. EU specifically intends to curb UK’s ability to have “harmful tax practices”. Withdrawal Treaty also applies EU law to UK during transition period - allowing EU to sue UK, including infringement proceedings for as yet unidentified breaches of State Aid rules and billions in VAT on commodity derivative transactions dating back to 1970s. [PD para 77, WA articles 86, 93, 127].

5. Restricts independent foreign policy - UK to be bound by international agreements concluded by the EU despite having no influence in their negotiation during the transition period and must “refrain, during the transition period, from any action... which is likely to be prejudicial” to the interests of the EU. [Articles 129(3) and (6)].

6. Prevents independent military action – UK permanently stopped from taking “any action likely to conflict with or impede” EU’s foreign policies. Critical parts of section on foreign policy and security are not reciprocal, eg future relationship will not “prejudice the decision-making autonomy of the EU” but no such language for UK – only permitted to “maintain the right to determine how [to respond] to any invitation to participate in operations or missions”. Also, parties “agree to consider” security collaboration in European Defence Agency, European Defence Fund, and PESCO “to the extent possible under [EU law]” which is prescriptive (not permissive) obligation. Despite paying for European Defence Agency during transition, British troops in EU battlegroups will not be led by British staff officers. [WA articles 129(6-7) and 156-157, PD paras 99, 102(c)]

7. Controls UK fishing – Common Fisheries Policy continues in UK waters during transition (which can be extended) but UK will have no say in implementation or enforcement. After transition, Political Declaration requires “cooperation on... regulation of fisheries, in a non-discriminatory manner” - code for continuing current arrangements for EU access to UK waters. Any trade deal to “ensure service providers and investors are treated in a non-discriminatory manner, including with regard to establishment” - prevents UK protecting quotas from EU purchase. [PD paras 29 and 72]

8. Replaces one EU Commission with another - New body established with “powers equivalent to those of the European Commission”. UK must accept exclusive jurisdiction of Arbitration Panel and judgments of ECJ. Grants EU officials criminal immunity and exemption from UK tax. Imposes gagging order on UK which must keep all EU information confidential but EU can use UK information as it sees fit. [WA articles 74, 101, 104-5, 106-116, 159, 168, 174]

9. Leaves UK with €500bn liabilities from EU Investment Bank but no profits - No rights to past and future profits made from UK investment in EIB, no rights to UK share of assets of EIB, yet UK remaining liable for risk of up to €500bn of guarantees. UK must let EU bid for UK public projects at least during transition. [WA articles 34, 75-78, 127, 143, 147, 150].

10. EU colonisation - makes UK bystander in laws that govern it - UK permitted to send civil servant to Brussels to observe EU passing laws designed to disadvantage UK economy during transition which might last many years. EU could regulate London’s huge foreign exchange markets, impose financial transaction tax that would be collected at UK expense by HMRC but sent to foreign governments. [WA article 34]

The issues above exclude reference to the Northern Ireland Backstop alternative which would have left NI as second class citizens.
The Union of GB and NI lives another day. Unionist's need to ensure that the whole of the UK leave on the 31st October 2019.

No surrender to the EU or an economic united Ireland.

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Short of a forced rebellion what can we actually do we are hand cuffed and manacled like prisoners being hanged at the gallows?
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John Lane
Wonder how many started to reply ? Re read it and decided better not
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We keep on believing that we can, and will bring a clean break Brexit to the UK. It should now be obvious to any right minded person that the EU has developed into a monster. We have had treaties over the years which have not passed through parliament and have been signed off by various prime ministers or perhaps even civil servants. These treaties are therefore not binding on the UK and should be what our MPs should have been discussing in Parliament on Saturday in the full glare of the cameras. These are what the media, especially the BBC should have been bisecting instead of the rubbish that Laura Loonsberg and The Walrus continue to feed us.
A General Election cannot come soon enough. Our only hope is to put a majority of MPs into Parliament at that General Election who are committed to a clean break Brexit. If not, the future is truly dire.

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Anto Wickham Anto wickham
This is no surprise as we knew what May was all about, and would have done anything to get her deal past. What is annoying to me is the PM Mr Johnson deal is not far from this one and he seems to like May will sell us out to get any deal. What every happened to No Deal is better than a Bad Deal? 

Yes the remainders in Westminster are passing act after act to stop anything going forward and are trying to wear us all down so we give in to their demands. This seems to be happening as I have heard Mp's say I voted for this deal just to get on with it, then what happens remainders change their tac. They are doing all they can now to stop Brexit altogether and with one party going down the road of wanting to reverse Article 50 altogether. Our democracy is under threat as these people seem to have a different understanding meaning of the word. 

The nation is so divided on this issue and it seems we will be for a very long time, as it seems Westminster and the baffoons running it will kick the Brexit issue down the road for ever or until we give in to their demands. They talk with forked tongue!

I am hearing the same thing over and over again from people, had enough of the lot of them, don't care what happens now, wish we never had the referendum in the first place, could not care less what happens now as we will be keep inside the EU so just leave tings as they are. People are being worn down and can just want it all to end!

I ask myself Will a General  Election be the answer? 

If BOJO gets an outright win that allow him to take full control and take us out with No Deal? 

If so then why not get on with it, or is he concerned that the Brexit party could hurt him?  

Anto Wickham 
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I am no longer convinced that Boris even wants a no-deal Brexit, now that he has his 'Surrender Deal'!!
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Time to clean out the Augean Stables - but how?
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Kev Horobin
The only way to honour our referendum result is to have a clean break and WTO 
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