I started treating the Con Party with distain shortly after I found out what Edward Heath had done to our United Kingdom. I have watch what was happening and read as much has possible about the situation as it developed. I have continued to call them THE CON-PARTY, even more so when Thatcher came to Town and closed every pit in Barnsley.
I was at that time a Labour Party member but resigned when I found out that PM Wilson had also started closing pits, steel works etc. Followed by the New Labour Party and their total sellout to the EU under Blair and Brown followed by their multiculturalism of the UK. This is when the rot really started to set in. With immigration going rampant.

I HAVE NEVER TRUSTED EITHER PARTY SINCE and had good reason to do so.

Then when the possibility came for a referendum with Cameroon as PM, those I was friendly with at that time cut me dead when they found out that I had joined UKIP to fight for our Freedom, our Sovereignty, our Fishing Rights and to bring back to the UK all the Assets stripped Industry stripped out by the EU to make us totally subservient to them, using our money to do so.

Since then I have made many more friends that are now call Brexiteers that are true patriotic people working to make the UK great again. Fighting for our freedom and democracy.

As for the Con Party or Leftie Labour Party, they tried to ruin the UK but now we are near to VICTORY AND FREEDOM FROM THE EU, they will rot in history.

Hopefully, New for “THE PEOPLE PARTIES” will emerge and with them DIRECT DEMOCRACY instead of the old outdated Representative Democracy. That looked after the MP themselves and not the people who put them in Parliament.

Roll on March and the last of May😆😆
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Anto Wickham Anto wickham

I hear you and agree with all you have said. What I have noticed from Blair’s New Labour is the difference between the Cons and Labour is the colours Blue and Red. They both try to sell us the same lies they try to tells us that they are the party of the people but they have never truly delivered. 

You have used the pits and steel works to the lies and the horrible things both parties did to hard working British people. For me it is the treacherous lies they told the people of Northern Ireland over the troubles. Both them had been talking to the IRA from the early seventies. Yet telling the people and our great nation that they will never talk to or do deals with terrorists. As veteran I understand war, (been in a view) and I get that to end bloodshed you need to have dialogue with them carrying out bombings and murder of not only your military, but totally innocent men, women and children of your nation. The governments at the time have always said they never spoke the the IRA but we all now know they did and gave into them as far back as the early 70's.

The so call Iron Lady Mrs Thatcher granted secret royal pardons to the IRA, one she gave only months after the Brighton bombing. Thatcher was well known for her unyielding stance against the IRA during the troubles, yet behind closed doors she was doing dirty deals with them. 

As for Blair, the dirty deals and secret meeting with the IRA leaders and Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness in 10 Downing Street, where he agreed to that the 228 IRA suspects on the run from British justice at the time would be given immunity from prosecution, no matter how horrendous their crimes. All tis was keep away from the public eye and other political parties that were involved in the Northern Ireland peace talks. 

If the people in Northern Ireland knew that these dirty disgusting talks had taken place, and what the outcome meant they would not have votes YES for the Good Friday Agreement. All this had led to the guilty walking free, never to answer for their crimes, to be made out as hero’s, let out of jail and as things are going now they are re-writing history making out that they were freedom fighters, that they were just in all their actions. And has led to British soldiers that served in Northern Ireland being persecuted and prosecuted for alleged crimes during their tour. our veterans, the brave men that every time they went out the camp gates on patrol, knew that they may never come back, that their family may never see them again. They helped try to keep peace in Northern Ireland, tried to make a wee part of the UK that was at war feel that little bit safer. And to have the government that sent us there, doing dirty deals with the leadership of the group that were hell bent in trying to kill us, make me sick to the pit of my stomach. 

These people our government were talking to should be in a court of law answering questions of war crimes against British citizens. Yes, war crimes as the IRA, carried out acts on civilians, they took people off the streets and tortured them, held them prisoners, destroyed civilian property and took hostages. All that on top of murdering our security forces.

We really need big change in government and they way we are being represented. Direct Democracy is the way forward. 

Anto Wickham 
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Tony b tony bingham
Yes we need a big change all right, as it stands you vote for the idiot to stop the clown getting in.

The last few years all party's have descended in to a "I'm all right jack" type of survival rather than a "do my job" state.
Quite honestly who can you vote for without having sleepless nights?
This is where I believe dvparty stands to gain, I'm sure other partys will to, but my hope is people see the possibility of direct democracy and join DVP.
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