Ian Griffiths
I came across this site will doing some research, to see if a recent Facebook post showing some of the EU countries debts were true.  In actual fact, in some cases it looks like the figures are higher than the post indicated.

Is it mere coincidence that this massive increase in debt has occurred since countries joined the EEC?

Have a look on here and change the last section of the web address from e.g. /France to any country you want that is in the EU and you can see the massive increase in debt for each country in the last 40 years. .https://countryeconomy.com/national-debt/france
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Pete Jamieson
That's very interesting Ian.. I had a theory that after the EU loose our contributions in 2020 , it will be a bit like the collapse of the Soviet Union.  Judging by the figures from France, I'm now wondering if it will take that long ! 
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Martin Jackson
I feel sure that figures relating to nation's debt are in general, always on the low side ... We won't hear the truth  that's for sure... 
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