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I have just copied and pasted this:
As a Brexiteer, I have just realised that the Remainers have been right all along when they say I did not know all the true facts before voting to leave, and it's true! We WERE lied to apparently - so I decided to do a little research.
I just voted to leave because I thought our sovereignty was being compromised by foreign unelected masters.
That we were compelled to have unlimited uncontrolled immig­ration, our laws and export agreements dictated by Brussels bureaucrats - and had to pay eye-watering amounts for the pr­ivilege
I did not know more than 10,000 EU Dictatorship officials get paid more than our Prime Minister.
I did not know that, unlike the UK, 18 countries get more back from the EU than they put in.
I did not know that the EU Dictatorship occupies over 45 bu­ildings - 2 of which were purpose-built monuments of grandeur and are the largest buildings in Europe.
I did not know that the EU Dictatorship Parliament spends 150 million euros a year moving to Strasbourg every month for 4 days committee meetings - and any attempt to stop this ma­dness is vetoed by France.
I did not know that the EU Dictatorship has had a huge luxu­ry shopping Mall built in Brussels for the exclusive use of EU Dictatorship employees.
I did not know that every day queues of chauffeur driven cars, with their engines running, wait outside EU Dictatorship establishments while their occupants go in, sign in for their attendance allowance and expenses, then come straight back out and are driven away.
I did not know that many of them (like the Kinnocks) end up as millionaires as a reward for looking the other way!
I did not know that Clegg was lying when he mocked Nigel Fa­rage for saying that an EU Fourth Reich army was being planned - and Brussels said all along that it would NEVER happen.
I did not know that the EU Dictatorship had been financing the mass movement of major industries from UK to mainland Eu­rope.
I did not know that every member of the EU Dictatorship Council has to swear an Oath of Allegiance to the EU Dictators - so they are not a country's representative to the EU Dictatorship,,,,, They are the EU Dictatorship's Dictators to the enslaved countries!
I could go on and on but suffice it to say that I have never for a moment doubted the correctness of my decision but I am now surer than ever.
I am so glad that the Remainers prompted me to look deeper into the bureaucratic absurdity of being in the Evil EU Political Dictatorship Organisation.
Apart from all that, everything's fine and anything Boris does to upset the silly and biased little Speaker and other pant-wetters in Parliament gets my full backing!
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Thank you Steve for again bringing to our attention what is happening and what will happen to us in the UK if we do not leave on 31st October. Everyone of us must have a straightforward response when an election is finally called - vote in our millions for any party which backs leave now with or without a deal. If it is with a deal, make absolutely sure that any deal does not bind us in any way to the EU. If in doubt about it, go the no deal route.
After we leave we must never forget those politicians and the media (who know all that Steve and others have been telling us) but for their own reasons, usually financial, have never revealed the truth about the EU Commission. They are desperate that the truth never comes out - why else would Mr Brown and Mr Blair be running scared?
The BBC are honour bound in their charter to give us unbiased reporting but they are so confident of their brain washing they continue to treat us with contempt. We must vote into power a party or a coalition who will sort them out (among a number of other important issues). We, the masses, have only power at an election - we must use our vote to save our country, so use your vote and encourage anyone who will listen to you, to use theirs.

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Groomsman, your comment regarding the responsibility of the BBC fails to point out that any person or corporation receiving money from the EU is forbidden to criticise or go against EU policy/decisions, the consequences being the loss of that income!
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Your comment is spot on and you have made the point about the hidden agenda of the BBC.  In my defence I have made this point in previous communications and in the post referred to, that " usually for financial reasons", the politicians and media refuse to enlighten us.  

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I am afraid we have no parliament what we are under is a Parliament of occupation for the European Union it is a simple as that and they must be expunged ASAP??
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Totaly Agree.
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