Tony b tony bingham
Like most of us I find it really odd that both the political partys are so unable to get brexit done.
I find it impossible to believe there is not a hidden agenda.
Some suggest Mrs may is holding out for Lisbon treaty to stop us leaving.
But I find that hard to believe.

I wouldn't be surprised if the EU army was sent in as we are unable to given our selves..

What ever her plan it must be stopped or our lands are lost.
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Jon Farrow
The Establishment don't want us to leave the EU (we weren't supposed to vote the way we did) and they are doing everything possible in Government, Parliament, Big Business & Mainstream Media to grind us down to a point where we just give up and remain or accept a deal that is Brexit in name only.

The EU is an essential cog in the the Globalists overall plan to achieve One World Government and the UK's Economic, Diplomatic, Military & Intelligence strengths are a cornerstone to the EU's make up, without us the EU will be seriously weakened.

I believe May is working against us on behalf of the EU and the quicker she is ousted the better; unfortunately at the current time we are completely reliant on a few stalwart Brexiteers in the Tory Party to call her out.

We have to stay strong, believe in & continue to campaign for the proper Brexit we voted for, and strive for Political change with Pro-UK Parties like ours gaining a foothold in Parliament whereby we can influence policy for the good of our Nation.
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Pete Jamieson
Have a look at these documents.. Fake or real, I don't know.. If real, and it's presented to a Judge, the establishment will no doubt pour in £millions of tax payers cash to overturn it.  My opinion is that Mrs May had a joint plan with the EU commission to negotiate a withdrawal deal that they knew would not pass through the commons. So far this has been the case. Now there's this truce with Labour  which is designed to produce such a soft Brexit that we might as well just stay in the EU. Job done !  Then there's the next elections.. There are too many parties all standing on the Brexit ticket. This will simply split the vote and the Tories and Labour will maintain their strangle hold on the country. 
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The UK government is a Government of occupation for the EU it represents them not us and that goes for Lib Dem and labour and we hopefully will crash this in the near future by whatever means we have and a good start would be to withhold Council Taxes as per Lawful Rebellion seems a good idea?

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Tony b tony bingham
Evey other refurendum was overturned in some way by the EU.
So you have to expect the same
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