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by Ian Gorman, MBA FCMI | Jun 28, 2018

This past weekend saw yet more Biased Broadcasting Corruption spewing forth from our “friends” at the BBC. You do know that there were two major marches in London on Saturday don’t you? Yes that’s right, two! Not just the one that the BBC reported on. Actually the one they reported on using footage of the other, just to compound their incompetent corruption of the truth.

So we have a “State Broadcaster” that has either decided for itself or has been told by its masters to ignore any and all marches in support of Brexit, whether they involve tens of thousands in London or thousands in other cities around the country; A “State Broadcaster” that does not report on protests in support of veterans, freedom of speech, victims of rape gangs, victims of paedophiles in high places… I think I will stop there for now. I can’t believe I used to be so proud of the BBC and its professionalism when I lived overseas.



You do! The widely hated TV Licence fee raises £3,156.8 million and government payments of £630.4 million for the “free licences” for those over 75 years of age. We all pay for those “free” ones too – remember the government has no money – it is all our money. Worse than that, the government has put us, the citizens, in debt to the tune of £1.6 Trillion (Public Sector Net Debt ex BoE). So, we need to start saving ourselves some money and what better place to start than the BBC?

Also, why should we continue to pay to have our intelligences insulted like this? Rhetorical question! Of course we should not! The TV License—like our current corrupt political system—is so last century. Let’s just scrap it! It would be an effective Tax Cut of £147 a year for around 21.5 million households and businesses; an especially welcomed Tax break for those on benefits, the disabled and pensioners below the age of 75.

As a bonus, we can set ourselves free from a totally unnecessary interaction with the government, that of paying the fee, and end the fear of being caught without one. No more detector vans! Plus Capita lose their £114.6 million a year government enforcement contract. Another added bonus is that our overburdened courts will be freed up from having to hear TV licence offense cases.

The BBC will claim that it generates about £1,260 million a year from the profits of BBC Studios, its commercial arm which markets and distributes its content outside of the United Kingdom, and operates or licences BBC-branded television services and brands. Fair enough, but all that belongs to us as citizens as well, as we own the BBC.


Stripped of its TV Tax funding, the BBC would need to be restructured and put on a commercial basis to ready it for eventual sale. This will require a radical reduction in the size of its bloated and overpaid management structure, the introduction of advertising, staff salary caps, surplus asset sales and programming rationalisation. This should be achieved over a period of no more than three years. A DVP government would provide the BBC £600 million in funding for the first year of the transition, which is about £30 million less than the government currently pays for the over 75s licences, followed by £400 million in the second year and £200 million in the third and final year of the restructuring. After that, no more government investment.


Save the Public Directly: £3,156.8 million per annum through scrapping the license fee.

Government Savings: £145 million in the first year rising to an eventual £745 million each year. That may not sound like much to some readers, but it is your tax money and we believe that every penny saved matters.

Sell the government’s shareholding in the BBC as market conditions permit with a goal of raising a minimum of £25 billion to be used to pay down that debt our governments have run up in our names and in the names of our children and grandchildren.
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hatton paul
also  a lot of people don't realise   the other countries who receive  bbc   programmes  they pay for them   and the  bbc advertise in other countries  to sell  programmes they  receive more money than they say they do also the bbc wont let you work for them unless you have a tv licence  ... 
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Ian Gorman AuthenticAmerican
Given today's shocking news that the BBC is scrapping free TV Licences for the over 75s we really need to push the de-nationalisation and commercialisation of the BBC firmly on our agenda.
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when privatising, have the company renamed to something other than the BBC, have the name/acronym 'reserved' so no-one else can take it up! Bury it....
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the bbc has lost every little bit of respect from millions of people all over the world news should be telling us what is going on in our country and not just the things they want us to see
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