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I've been working in the Health and Social Care industry now for around four years. Having been privileged and inspired to have served with real leaders in the Military I have been shocked at the lack of management, communication skills and creativity complete with the lack of respect / loyalty between employer and employee. The private sector is nothing more than a cattle market where limited companies are allowed to charge the earth for care packages, cut corners to suit their financial costs and take liberties regarding the volume of tasks a care/support worker is to do for a minimum wage salary. I think this is unacceptable and again I think this has been allowed to happen using immigration , the forgotten/vulnerable and unskilled for cheap labour. Saturate the market with cattle and pay as little as possible whilst the directors and shareholders rake in the profits. This is also concerning again for ourselves because at some point, some of us will rely on people to look after us. I wouldn't trust the majority to run a bath. The industry is ticking along with workers operating on stress, low self-esteem, quite a number with personal issues themselves and a lost sense of purpose. Management positions are given to a who wants it basis rather than people wanting to develop. The reward for progress isn't there. There are mainstream care companies who are paying people with limited management experience through no fault of their own to run service's for as little as £9.50 per hour. We should be rewarding people for career  development and hard work .The government's self -congratulation approach to high levels of wage growth are a complete forgazie. They keep spinning the propaganda they will almost believe it themselves. You can go onto any jobsite and hit on the private sector and working industries and you will see what I mean. Ex-Offenders who have come from the prisons will go back into prison through no proper management and development programme to rehabilitate. Society hasn't reached empathy levels that some people do deserve a second chance just yet .  Contracts are given to the cheapest providers like Carillion .  No funding I am told. That's the acceptance speech I always hear that it is now become a cliché. We have lost the ability to support. Reactive rather than prevent. Fall at the first hurdle rather than be solution focused or creative.

An idea or an outline for positive change; 

A proper governance system to manage the private sector including Housing Associations .
Re-skill the Health and Social Sector and specialise every position.
Scrap the Recruitment Agencies who muscle in for doing nothing more than a compliance check. Give the responsibility back to the companies. 
Minimum £10 per hour for an entry level role subject to life experience, industry experience and qualifications - See the quality , commitment and value increase rapidly . 
Recruitment drive for more Ex Forces or similar backgrounds .

Above is not perfect but it is a start . The industry has become completely lost . 

Life has taught me that nothing is perfect or will ever be. We are always evolving and are part of the evolution process. Some things we will just have to accept. However, if this is the bottom-line regarding wages, taxes, public services, social and welfare reform, where we are repeatedly ripped off then we have truly failed. 

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Andrew Hawkes, Sounds like a plan. Have to start somewhere. Cut the red tape.
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Andrew Andrew418
#bbc panorama#  22/05/2019. I rest my case .
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