Paul Ian Wilkie Irma
I'm running for our party at the next General Election for Perth & North Perthshire.  I have a go fund me page, that’s raised just over £500.
Have we got any donors to help guys like me, as I’m not gonna win an election with £500.  
That will be going towards the electoral commission just to say I’m running as a candidate.  
I’m on an 80% war pension so money’s kinda tight. 
If we have any donors, would the party like to throw some money my way please?  
I will be using some of my own money for this, but, I ain’t got a lot.
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Hi Paul, Have you got a link to the go fund me page? I'll have a chat with a few local squaddies I know and the local businessman who funded me when I was UKIP in elections and see if we can get some money together for you. We got to help eachother out if we are to stand a chance.
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Paul Ian Wilkie Irma
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