hatton paul
Peers and MPs in receipt of EU farming subsidies they are millionaires   why do they need it   it needs to go to the struggling farmers  besides that   when we leave eu  our gov has to pay the subs    but i bet   most of it will go to the millionaires ....
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I am reminded about the interview with a New Zealand farmer by the BBC on their mission to keep us in the EU. The farmer was asked how the New Zealand Farmers coped with losing their subsidies. The reply was not what the BBC hoped for. There was no harping on about how farming found this decision of the New Zealand government led to disastrous consequences. He merely replied that they diversified and got on with keeping their industry financially successful. 
The EU subsidies certainly give big profits to the big land owners especially through set aside (this is a lazy farmers holiday money, and more). The list is endless. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but surely these EU subsidies are simply the return of our own payments to them less a rather large percentage administration fee to the Commission? The term EU MONEY is one of the biggest cons of all as the EU COMMISSION, just like our own government, has no money of its own. They get that money from US, the Taxpayers.
Finally, I definitely agree that the small farmer needs a much better deal from government, supermarkets, financial institutions and our own Treasury. We need them to stay in business to supply us, the British population. We want local produce in our own local areas - now, how might this old idea effect global warming?
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Steve Don3329
I live in a rural idyll and know a lot of smaller farmers. Smaller farmers tend to rent their land off big land owners and it is the big land owners who get the subsidies not the guys who are actually working the land. So I wonder why the elite want us to stay in the dictatorship??
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Pete Jamieson
Farmers received government  (our tax money) subsidies before we joined the Common Market (EU).. It came directly from the Ministry of Agriculture via HM Treasury. The assumption that the EU subsidies are our money recycled is absolutely correct. Like most of the rest of this 'Mafia' style set up in Brussels, it's a scam and rip-off... It's the big landowners that benefit most as pointed out by Paul.. We must all bare in mind that these rich, titled, greedy and powerful people don't give a toss about ordinary people..They only care about themselves and how much of the ordinary tax payers money they can siphon out of our pockets into theirs
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The clue to all this is in the wording and there lies the problem. It is called the land stewardship payments and that money goes to whoever owns the land hence the tenant farmers get no help at all. There will be a need to address this problem if we are to make a difference?
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