Pete Jamieson
Here's a thought ... How many of you know that even if we DO leave the EU in October or some time after that, the intention of the government, with full backing and cooperation of ALL opposition parties, is to be a member of the planned EU Defence Union. (it was first described as the EU Army).? 
The really interesting point here is that Nigel Farage (being a long standing MEP), knew, and knows all about this process, and further knows it was excluded from the 2016 Brexit debates on both sides intentionally. 
This topic is discussed by David Clews of Unity News Network with David Ellis..Here's the link.. It makes very interesting listening. 
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We at last are exposing what the EU Commission is not only trying to do, but that it has already moved to achieve its ends before there is a ground swell of support in the UK to leave the EU with no deal. If our REMAIN MPs continue to oppose a no deal Brexit, there should be serious consideration to arrest them for sedition or even treason against the Queen and the British people.
The speed with which the EU Commission is moving should give the majority of the population serious and immediate cause for concern. The facts must go out to those who still wish to remain in the EU - those who want to leave are well aware of the critical need to get out now and bring about the radical changes to politics, the civil service, the banks and our legal system asap.

It is not a no deal Brexit that will cause a catastrophe for this once great nation of ours, but the selfish, often greedy and stupid attitudes of those who wish to remain in the EU. Please let each one of us who love the UK and our way of life, go into hyper drive and insist that our MPs, the news media and our friends, acquaintances and extended families listen and understand what is being done without our agreement and usually behind closed doors. If we fail to leave the EU shortly, it will be too late - this is the greatest threat to our freedom in our history; this threat must be soundly beaten and we must move forward decisively.

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Thank you for sharing this. It is a shocking revelation of what is going on with Britain's military!!
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If you wish to find out more there are some very good expose articles on the news feeds we need to act fast and NOW?
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Pete Jamieson
From the BBC morning TV news reports today (28/8/19) , and the fanatical and neurotic presenter repeating the 'breaking news' several times over, it looks like Boris has found a way to stop our undemocratic MP's from blocking a 'no deal' Brexit. This means the UK WILL leave the EU on October 31st. Then ,,,,,.  Lets see what our traitorous house of commons does with the EU Defence Union..In the meantime contact your present MP and let them know that news of their plans are now becoming common knowledge amongst the great unwashed.. 
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