I believe we should consider making it compulsory for all comercial new builds and new residential developments to have solar energy panels installed and connected to the main grid. The follow it up with grants to upgrade all previously built properties with solar technology. 
Even with our climate we could easily generate enough to supppy the country if one day every single roof in the whole country was supplying the main grid..
Steve Fenn 
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Tom Flynn
I certainly agree we need to promote more solar technology. 
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I fully agree but the panels must be made in the UK not Cina or German IN THE UK.
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Chris Holdsworth
Yes agreed. Am in the process of moving to the Isle of Wight, and will be looking to install solar energy. Perhaps a small wind turbines too. Would be interesting to see if grants were available for this.
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I believe this idea to be brilliant. We should where possible make all of our own products. The EU are paying companies to leave the UK and set up abroad, such is their hate for the UK, and they are giving them monetary incentives to persuade them! Whose money are they using to asset strip our country?  Nothing is un-achievable with the right Government, all we need is to make sure the D&V Party have a National presence. Can we achieve this?
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I hope the D&V party will be the leaders of new politics and management of our future as an independent nation. By boldly pursuing new ideas, and encouraging people in Westminster to think outside the box.. 
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John Day
I've been saying this for years but its the energy company's that's stopping it from happening, thay have to much pull over the gov
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100% agree with all that's been said here we should definitely be pushing for solar power, giving the power back to the people literally, the less dependency on big corporations the better, the globalists have far too much control over our lives and it needs to stop.
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