Do you know what drives me mad? No-one ever thinks about us Southerners when it comes to anything. Lottery wins? nope, Visiting  TV Antique Shows, nope, Political Rallies, nope, in fact I cannot think of anything remotely useful ever coming our way.
I would love to run a Dorset D&V office but am disabled and agoraphobic, which cancels me out, but I could help. I used to be a Conservative but after Mrs May's treasonous behaviour, and everyone of the remainers, we need to show a different side to Politics. Like Trump, you need no experience, just life experience and some bloody common sense, which is so badly needed.
The seditious lot we have now all need to be recused, due to their ATM's knowing all about their duplicitous self interest and loathing of the working class.  They are despicable and we need to fight with everything we have to get them all gone.
Finchley Rd 788-790 to be precise. These people are bleeding us all dry while they use our money to whip us all with. 
The New World Order is coming, as is Muslimland. In 10 years there will be no whites, or Christians, as Rothschild, Soros, Clinton, Obama, Bush and all of the Illuminati, including QE11, allow Muslim takeover.  Thanks to Mrs May who loves Sharia Law and all that goes with it, we have the Quo'ran in Government instead of the Bible, and the oath of office for Muslims is on the Quo'ran not the Holy Bible, which should tell you everything you need to know.

If you want to have a Political Party that is for the people by the people, you are going to have to do much better. Sorry but your posts are lame, you interaction is lame and your online presence is negligible.  I am open and 100% honest and shoot from the hip, and I am sorry if I offend anyone, but to win this country over you have to put your heart and soul into it. Like Q, QAnon, need a gimmick that catches peoples imaginations and you have to speak authoritatively.  Without any of this, you will be just another UKIP.  I am one of your members and I love your openness, however, you need a strategy, and politicians who have worked in business and know the ropes of how to make a living. 

Guidance and Mentoring are good training tools but truly guys, you need to get out there and show your faces.  Get Bumper stickers with Light Up Westminster with the D&V Party/The party of common sense and equality, run by the people for the people.  It seems so easy to say all this but I'm on hand to proof read and gather members by your new documentary.  Didn't know about it? Well I'd settle with Rebel Media News. Katie Hopkins.  That's a start.  Hugs, Sue
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Lester Johannes
Every word is true & spot on.
I am an elderly gentleman, who cannot do too much but I would offer my help to anyone standing in my area & attend any meetings & functions I can to support a change.
I certainly do not want to see any Conservative or Labour MP who has gone against the democratic vote of the people of this country, re elected at the next election.
I want to see big changes to MPs giving themselves large pay increases; claiming expenses that are extortionate & not attending parliament when they should.
Above all I want to see MPs in the House of Commons who remember the MANIFESTO, they were voted in on & adhere to every word of it; after all that is what we voted them in on.
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John Day
I agree with the last 2 members views I am also in the south and there seems to be a lack members down this way, I would love to see that the currant bunch MPs given the boot but who is going to kick them out, thay are in it for there own greed and could not give a dame about the people who voted them in It needs to change and change soon or we will just become another Muslim state some one has to make stand. Its not just the MPs and the bias BBC, but also the Police force who seem to care more for the Muslim's than our own people so come DV make it happen
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