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by James Dalton | Jul 2, 2018

Polarising politics through guilt. What is diversity? Is it good? Is it bad? What does ‘diversity’ mean?
Polarising politics through belief. What is tolerance? Is it good? Is it bad? What does ‘tolerance’ mean? Polarising politics through emotion. What is equality? Is it good? Is it bad? What does ‘equality’ mean?

Disagree with diversity at your peril, racist! Disagree with equality at your peril, fascist! Disagree with tolerance at your peril, Nazi! Politics is no longer about controlling and protecting our borders, and conserving our law and a peaceful society. Politics is a corrupted, dumbed down mind control game. Common Purpose and established Cultural Marxist techniques are easily recognised, yet still difficult to combat politically.

Certain questions can engender a particular desired response. This is the business of opinion poll companies and data collectors. A recent poll was used by the Economist to promote a mass immigration agenda. The question was “would you be friends with an immigrant”. This is a question that I and most other ardent patriots would respond to with a “Yes”. But when this poll is merely a decoration to the propagandising of the mass relocation of fighting age males from North Africa, the Middle East and selected other foreign countries, the “Yes” response becomes a psychological reinforcement of the false belief that mass immigration is ‘good’.

Diverse (a), unlike in nature or qualities; varied, changeful.
Diversity (n) – being diverse, different kind, variety.

Diversity is a noun, a comparator. It is neither good, nor bad. The word does not infer positivity or negativity. However, the word in the 21st Century western world has a huge power, for it has morphed from being just a word, a descriptor. It is a virulent psychological trigger. Diversity means good, evidently, and disagree with diversity at your peril. And to understand diversity, one must have an advanced skin melanin content detection ability, evidently. And if immigration equals diversity, then immigration is good, right? No. Wrong. For things which are diverse may be either good or bad or neither.

An example of good diversity could be found in practical skills. That young British men can have a variety of skills in engineering for example, is good. Some excel with electronics, some with wood, some with metal, some with design. This diversity of skills and thought has been the foundation stone of our development as a nation, and the fruits of this diversity, the wellbeing it has produced, is measurably good.

An example of bad diversity can be found in the EU’s immigration policy. The facilitated demographic engineering of Europe’s political elites has imposed a diverse population on many towns and cities throughout Europe. When people who live cheek by jowl cannot agree on whether it is OK to use a thirteen year old kuffir girl as a sex slave, when crimes against the person are measurably increasing and when these crimes are measurably the result of the enforced immigration policies of unaccountable politicians and bureaucrats, diversity is bad, measurably bad.

Equal (a) The same in number, size, value, degree, etc.
Equality (n) Condition of being equal to.

So equality, like diversity is a noun and a comparator too. It is also neither good nor bad. Consider any two things you can imagine. They will be either diverse or equal. Anything at all can come under the umbrella descriptors of “Equality and Diversity”. But yet again, the word equality no longer has meaning as a word, for it too has become a virulent psychological trigger. Disagree with equality at your peril!

Conservative thinkers and promoters of conservative values have, do and will continue to be smashed about the head with the “Equality and Diversity” stick if they continue to play the game of those who control political discourse and language. If they tolerate the Cultural Marxist agenda, they will become ever more irrelevant.

But here’s the rub. What is diverse is by definition, not equal. What is equal is by definition, not diverse. What is good cannot also be bad. What is bad cannot also be good.

Do not engage on their own terms with those who wield the “Equality and Diversity” stick. Mock them for their ignorance. Challenge them on their abuse of words…

Ask them what diversity means and demand an explanation from them if they insist it is good. Ask them what equality means and demand an explanation from them if they insist it is good. Do not let them avoid answering. Ask them whether diversity and equality are opposites and if they are, how they both can be good, for if a thing is good, its opposite is bad.

The postmodernists in academia who have corrupted our language and through that corruption have damaged our ability as a society to sensibly discuss matters political, need to be challenged and publicly shamed. A cultural revolution is needed in the West and all sensible, decent people need to take up the cudgel and play our part in bringing about the change needed by confronting and shaming the “Equality and Diversity” stick wielders, without compromise, at every opportunity.

© James Dalton, Democrats & Veterans, for Direct Democracy
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