Jon Farrow
We are currently living through an exceptional time in Politics here in the United Kingdom, but not necessarily for the good; Brexit has completely split the opinions of people in the Country, creating deep divisions between friends, families and in work places.
Irrespective of how Brexit concludes (personally I want a clean break Brexit or No-Deal as it is known) in the coming days, weeks, months, perhaps it's main legacy shall be the way it has exposed the attitudes our Parliamentarians have towards the electorate and the choices we make.
The abject refusal to accept the referendum result by a large element in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, and the insults, hate and vitriol they have promoted across the nation towards the people on the  actual winning side is clear to see.
Probably, certainly for me, one of the main disappointments is to see MP's not representing their constituencies in the Parliamentary votes on Brexit; In other words strong LEAVE constituencies have their representative MP voting for REMAIN amendments & policies in Parliament because they personally are remainers.
This has therefore caused considerable anger in the constituencies where it has been seen as a betrayal of the Representative Democracy we currently have here in the UK. Talk is of electoral reform - proportional representation etc etc; All very well but it doesn't change the way the MP's are expected to vote once elected.
We, The Democrats & Veterans Party, should then be in a good position to capitalize on the current feeling within the electorate and need to promote Direct Democracy to the people so that at least they understand there is a way they can be involved directly in new policy & policy change through their local elected representative.
In conclusion, have the leadership, therefore, got any plans to promote Direct Democracy to the masses and raise the Party profile. The Party needs to strike while the iron is hot and before voter apathy turns people away from the ballot box.
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Very well said but I fear we may be too late.  Voter apathy has always been the main reason the two party system has flourished in this country.  This is further illustrated by the fact that Labour have held the Newport West seat at a time when I would have thought the Lib/Lab/Con would get hammered by the electorate?  Our party failed again but I'm not too worried by that.  We are less than a year old, but the results weren't even close.  Down on the previous incumbent but still a healthy majority.  This tells me that, in spite of the vitriol being spouted by the press and social media, people are reverting to habit.  Even the turnout was slightly higher than expected.  Maybe we deserve what we get.
Just because you are offended, doesn't mean you are right.
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Jon Farrow
We have local council elections in a few weeks and now it seems maybe EU elections as well, maybe a better view of what the electorates mindset is will become apparent when the results for these are in.
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Anto Wickham Anto wickham
I feel that its never to late to try and change anything! We have to always be postive and have believe in what we are trying to deliver. I do agree that as a party we could be doing more to promote ourselves and what we are all about.

This is not just down to the party leadership, it's up to as all at the coalface as they say to keep getting out into our local communities and spreading the word and handing out our generic flyers that are avaible.

This should to be done a number of times during the year and not just during election times. If we want people to belive in us and to see how we are different from the brest then we need and should be seen all year round not just like the rest of them when votes are wanted! 

Already here in Northern Ireland we are now planning events to get out into our local communites after the Council May elections and are planing for June and July. This week we have been asked if we have anyone standing in a number of areas, 6 in total. Unfortunately we don't, so we are now planning meetings in them locations to get our partys name out there to inform the people what we are all about and this hopffuly bring new menbers onboard and in turn have more candidates to stand in the fature. 
Anto Wickham 
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Two local elections ago UKIP were only getting under200 in London. Have patience - and look for the right places to make a breakthrough. We need a good local candidate, with plenty of effort put in. Barnsley could be our breakthrough - if you’re close enough give them help there.

Trust, have patience, and work hard.
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