Do members know that we are in an Alliance or maybe it’s been renamed? Do members know we are also in the Democracy Direct Coalition? I didn’t and feel I should have known. I admit to spreading news of Yellow Vests, who I believe are also members of the international DD Coalition. I wasn’t so sure if it was ok to be openly supporting this movement but felt they were at least a means to an end. We may, just MAY get our WTO Brexit but until we do I feel all efforts must be in achieving that aim.

If we get BrExit then it will be time to take the government to task and oust them all in favour of DD. There is interest in our party right now that we need to be pushing to the forefront BUT we need to know what we are talking about and that we are sharing information that is useful both to the country and our party. 

Must say I’m loving the graphics being produced that do send messages in pictures and words, so easy to pass on. Keep it up.
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Frankie, while we are indeed in support of the work of Facts for EU and would strongly recommend that our members regularly visit their resource (, can you please advise the basis of your understanding that our party is associated with the Democracy Direct Coalition?

Very many thanks.
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Direct Democracy Coalition posted video on Facebook 2/3 days ago


Me question. …Direct Democracy Coalition with whom? 

Elle....DVP UK  . Our Leader us   JRE . was once a UKIP member who lost all leadership challenges. We Serve. He is Patriotic , Genuine and checks out anyone who wants to be a member. At the launch,the computers crashed several times because of people wanting to join. Took me a month before I was checked out and he sort if knows me. It wouldn't take so long now, and the Party has been cleared to be in Parliament. We look out for Veterans and homeless of all ages so don't lat the word Veterans put you off. Think about it. Love Ell DVP UK and UKIP


Chris Ford

Direct Democracy coalition originates in Canada, DD UK joined the coalition which includes USA, Australia, Ireland, Yellow Vests France and others. In order to support each other and Educate. DVP are also in the coalition. Those political party's in the DVP alliance are for the UK only.

As I don’t have a list of members I took this to be correct.

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There are 'other' Political Parties that appear to be filled with the class of politician 'not wanted/rejected' by the big two. These seem to have the same arrogant attitude of those in the 'big two' and so, deem themselves above the rest of us trying to better the political system and the UK as a whole. Therefore will not consider a coalition despite the noses on their faces, init for themselves and NOT for their country!!
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We are as far as I can see a bunch of right wing conservatives right wing labour  a touch of green, there are decent MP, we should not challenge the next round of voting, we should be proactive in the others, let UKIP ( one policy) make the mistake again spreading wide and getting nothing, 13 MP right now would be the balance of power.
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The pictorial posts with a pro Brexit sentence or a few anti EU words convey sentiments well but, I believe, don't really achieve much. I like to see facts and sources to share in order to lend weight to my argument for Brexit.
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