Mason Bryan
I think we could all agree that laissez faire capitalism would be a meritocratic utopia if it was viable morally. That being said I have been mulling over the idea of voluntary taxation where the amount that is required for tax stays the same but the proportion given to different departments would be totally up to you. To stop any interdepartmental collision there would have to be an independent Investigations service and laws that forbid departments to work with eachother. I believe this would be a good way of putting political power in the hands of all people and would love to hear what you think 
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Mason Brian,
I like this idea and also ideas with the potential of bringing consumer power into the political arena more generally. With the proposal in question there is one main caveat; for there to be a likelihood of a designation of tax contribution being spent competently, the heads of department need appointing to that position through the process of popular mandate rather than by the PM.
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