Call me old fashioned if you will , but in government today ministers are making policies based on think tanks , quangos and of course what will line their own pockets .
Nothing beats experience and to get experience you need boots on the ground . In other words before making policies why are they not consulting the experts in the field , I'm not talking of the wannabes that suck up to the government's ministers . I mean real experts with feet on the ground chiefs of police from counties and suburbs, colonels on the front line captains of ships squadron commanders, immigration officers . 
All of these people with experience of the problems at the coal face so to speak, these people could invariably identify the real problem facing the UK today and likely as not how to solve it .
Instead we endure self righteous morons who believe themselves to be beyond reproach and infallible. 
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Anto Wickham Anto wickham
I think what you are asking for is what our party wants to deliver. Direct Democracy (DD). As the people on the ground, the people of our nation have the expertise, knowledge and know how. All they are mission is a voice and with DD our party will deliver that.  
Anto Wickham 
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Pete Jamieson
I agree with your plan Stoker, but the problem  would be getting these people to talk openly as they are all on the governments pay role. My approach would be to find recently retired people from the areas you suggest ,who have less to loose by telling it like it is. The other suggestion would be to have pre-prepared questions, as people will often not take the holistic route, but would rather discus their own particular 'beefs' with their former jobs. I'd add to your list, senior civil servants who see all the fiddles going on .
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