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We have a seen a number of sign-up attempts from people we cannot find on our membership list.

When we receive a new sign-up we cross-reference the email address against the list of email addresses within our membership list. If we cannot find the same email address there, we are unable to approve the access request to DV Connect.

If you have not yet joined as a member, please join now. It's only £1 or £2 a month.

If you already joined up but may have changed your email address since registering with the party, please contact the Membership Team explaining this and detailing your membership number as it appears on your membership card.
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Once again I cannot sign in my ID on here was webmaster and my password was 24215039 and once agin Im out whats going on please..
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Keith Turner
I struggled with sign up and Vicky sorted it out. I think it was my error all along as I was trying to register at the old DV connect, went onto DV party website and went to DV Connect 2.0 and signed up with no problem then, hope that helps.
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This is my 2nd year as a paying member and I have to say the website is a shambles can't do anything except go round in circles?
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I have had many problems too when I have NONE with the other sites i use. How simple would it be to have a "Log in" link on the Home page ? I also felt that the original logo was a school boy effort so am very glad for it's replacement.
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