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There is deep respect for the men and women of our Armed Forces and their families’ who have to give so much in defence of our nation. However, this must be tempered by the contempt for the government sponsoring the hounding of our veterans from Blair’s neo colonial wars to Northern Ireland.

Sadly, ex-service personnel make up the largest identifiable group as homeless and in prison due to mental health issues.

Last year alone some 87 veterans took their own lives.

£22m is allocated to mental health for the Armed services, however this is a fraction of the sum given to law firms who seek to profit from hounding veterans; growing rich at the plight of others. The government has already invested about £10m in law firms pursuing a witch hunt of those who stood in the front line of democracy.

What is really offensive is the Conservative government agreeing with SF/IRA that veterans alone have to be held responsible.

Soldiers had their weapons confiscated, were isolated, given no legal support or advice and mercilessly interrogated. Their officers were banned from helping and advising them.

When they finally received legal advice it was from lawyers in the army's legal department whose role was to prosecute troops.

A terrorist, if found guilty, will receive a maximum of 2 years suspended sentence.
Veterans face life in jail. Where is the justice?

Our Armed Forces stood between rival factions and had to save the communities from themselves more often than not. SF/IRA killed more people from the Nationalist communities than the Crown Forces killed in the entire Troubles across the divide.

370 RUC officer died on duty, 30 prison officers and some 1,500 troops.

7,500+ troops were injured, the figure for mental health issues arising from NI service is not recorded but NI has the highest rate of suicides in the UK, and research shows that a third of the population suffered from terrorist atrocities (500,000).

The idea there can be no “equivalence” between the services and the terrorist is in itself demeaning, mistakes were made in difficult circumstances, however our Armed Forces didn’t go out with murder in their hearts each day, they were there to keep the peace.

The statute of limitations is clear but not available for NI veterans who have been singled out for discrimination by their own government, who are now beyond the law due to Blair’s letters of absolution to those responsible for thousands of deaths.

£100m has been spent on the Bloody Sunday inquiry were 17 people where killed in an exchange of gunfire and violence, but where is the justice for the innocent of Black Friday 300+ injured and 30+ killed, the same in Birmingham and Omagh?

What about Manchester, Guilford, Woolwich, Enniskillen, Kingsmill and many other atrocities?

As the Hyde Park murderer walked free waving Blair’s letter; 200 of our Armed Forces personnel are now under reinvestigation.

My message to both Jeremy’s is quite simple. Our Armed Forces serving in Northern Ireland were soldiers maintaining the peace in exceptional circumstances, they are not on a par with cowardly ‘I ran away’ terrorists.

And our government wonder why they are having difficulty recruiting personnel to our Armed Forces.

I'm sure you will share my outrage at this injustice and will be remembering those who lost their lives and their families, because they did their duty. It's time our government did the same.
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The scandal of our armed forces facing the courts for alleged criminal acts against the Northern Ireland terrorists is but another nail in the coffin of our present government and all the MPs in Parliament. They are so afraid of PC and the media that they have lost their back-bone and are out of control. The lawyers are only what can be expected - pigs with their snouts in the trough of money, and the more the better.
The corruption of the EU Commission has spread very rapidly to Westminster and many of our institutions (including the NHS), in fact, much faster than I had realised until recently. Look in the Brexit face book page at the video from EU senior officials and you have enough ammunition to stop the "remoaners" dead in their tracks.
Sorry to bring this up but I believe that the armed forces scandal comes from our inability to send the EU Commission packing and leave them to stew in their own mess while we get on with showing them how it is done.
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Our military is the least appreciated in the English speaking world. But, in my opinion the finest the world will ever see. Yet not only do we neglect them but now we’re selling them out . Slowly drip feeding their control to Brussels. 
They gave to endure gross underfunding disgusting married quarters conditions and a fragmented services and healthcare post service. Once our heroes leave their service they are ignored and left to fend for themselves. We should look to the US for how it’s done. Resettlement loans, retraining, specialised Veterans hospitals, free counselling, and lifetime membership in the Veterans Association, where they can go for any help or advice they need.  
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Pete Jamieson
There are a few words that will sum up our present political system.. Anti-democratic, Hypocritical ,  Dishonourable , Corrupt and above all Treasonous ! .  Don't trust any of them, of any party. Or any of those in the second chamber..Don't trust any civil servant , member of the judicial system or so-called journalist.   I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but when you weigh up the present situation, it does seem that the "Establishment" has set itself against the ordinary people of this country. Trying to prosecute former servicemen who were following orders, fulfilling their duty and their oath to the Monarch is the tip of a very nasty and malicious iceberg. 
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AMEN to all preceding!!!
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Being betrayed by their leaders a great many service personnel will no doubt resign before accepting orders that originate from Brussels. And it would be a major blow to any recruitment drives. I joined the Navy in 1973 to serve my Queen and Country. Not someone else’s. 
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